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Gestalt hag
Existence is the natural state of the universe.

space objects
Nature of something.

all is flux
Nature of space

events cell
Creation of event cells

Topology of event cells

universal principle
The universal organising principle

curvature of space
Determination of the curvature of space

gravity scape
Cumulative effects of event cells

mass and weight
The creation of ‘gravity’ and ‘mass’

dynamic patterns
The dynamic patterns of space

matter from energy
The production of ‘matter’ from energy

energy gradient
About energy gradients

motion without movement
;About ‘motion without movement’

The speed of light

force without force
About ‘force without force’

ball on table
Inertia and momentum


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12 February 2015

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Existence . . .

Our own common sense and simple logic, as well as the principle of conservation of energy and matter, convince us of the impossibility of something coming into existence from nothing. Since there is something, the only alternative that remains to consider is that something has always existed, that is it is the natural state of the universe for there to be something.

  • ‘Nothing’ is a complete lack of everything so it is a contradiction to say that nothing exists.

  • It is impossible for something to come into existence from nothing.

  • The idea that something is the natural state of the world requires a ‘Gestalt switch’ in our thinking.

  • Something is infinitely more probable than nothing.

  • There has always been something, that is, something has existed eternally.

  • We use the word ‘eternally’ to mean that something has existed forever, for an infinite time, for eternity.

Based on our syllogism, something has existed forever, for an infinite time, for eternity. Saying that something has existed forever and that it could never have been the case that it did not, is still not a complete answer to the question of why something exists, however, we will leave that question for the time being and go on to the nature of something.

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As with all philosophy, this is a journey of inquiry; enjoy the journey!

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