Summary of an ontology of the universe as a process of becoming

This internet site describes an ontologyof the universe as a process of becoming which takes place in the "loophole" of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle at times shorter than the Planck time and sizes smaller than the Planck length.

Starting from the quintessential element of space, which I have called the toroidino, which comes and goes in the uncertainty loophole, the Casimir effect and the phenomenum of oscillons are used to provide a mechanism to build the universe up to the stage of quarks, where the standard model takes over.

According to the principle of Occam's Razor, only the process that requires the minimum number of assumptions will be considered. For the universe to start from 'nothing' the process must be so simple that it is inevitable.

The process is as follows:

  • toroidinos fluctuate into and out of existence;
  • the Casimir effect drives toroidinos to the zone of greatest concentration;
  • some toroidinos will form pairs, others will join up temporarily in other ways;
  • because of the vibrational aspects of the toroidino fluctuations, oscillons will form, creating particles that are much larger than the Planck length and last much longer than the Planck time;
  • these particles may form the basis of quarks.
Because the process of the toroidinos popping into and out of existence has always gone on there was no need for a beginning, no need for a big bang or an act of creation of any kind.

Remember, what we are seeing is a process, neither the toroidinos or the toroidino pairs last longer than the Planck time.

In other words we ourselves are a process.

We have achieved this without breaking the law of conservation of energy because we have not 'created' anything that lasts longer than the Planck time or is larger than the Planck length.

In fact no universe "exists" now or has ever existed in the normal sense of the word, the only things that ever "exist" in any sense are the toroidinos, which never last any longer than the Planck time. So, the whole universe and everything in it actually takes place in the uncertainty "loophole".

How does this universe in a "loophole" fit in with accepted theories?

Since it arises from quantum fluctuations it must fit in with, and perhaps help to explain some aspects of quantum theories.

It is an attempt to explain the process of the universe at sub-quark level, therefore it should not create any difficulties with the standard model of the universe, which seems to explain things pretty well at above quark level.

With respect to the general theory of relativity, it may be possible to explain the curvature of space-time in terms of the fundamental tension between something and nothing that occurs in the toroidinos.

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