Is the big bang paradigm carved in stone?

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At the end of 1999, I created this site primarily because it seems to me that the idea that the universe started with a big bang has become so entrenched that no one is questioning it anymore. It's almost like the times of Copernicus and Galileo when it was heretical to question the "fact" that Earth was the centre of the universe.

C Burbidge writes about this acceptance of the big bang paradigm as tending to devalue observations that clash with it:

Such observations are delayed at the refereeing stage as long as possible with the hope that the author will give up. If this does not occur and they are published the second line of defence is to ignore them. If they give rise to some comment, the best approach is to argue simply that they are hopelessly wrong and then, if all else fails, an observer may be threatened with loss of telescope time until he changes his program.

[C Burbidge, 'Problems of cosmogony and cosmology' in F Bertola, J W Sulentic, D F Madore (eds), New Ideas in Astronomy (Cambridge University Press, 1988), p. 229.]

In light of this, I think it won't hurt to use the internet to try and stimulate discussion about alternative paradigms for the existence or becoming of the universe.

I hope “establishment physicists” will view this site as an attempt to make a positive contribution to the discussion of how the universe began and to make the ideas introduced accessible to the widest audience possible.

Maths free site

You will notice that this site is essentially free of mathematics. Of course mathematics are essential for precision in defining theories and, arguably, they are essential if predictions are to be properly tested. But I haven't used mathematics for the main reason that I believe that the universe must be simple enough for a child to understand it. In fact, I believe that it must be so simple that it was/is inevitable, so it must be possible to communicate the overall concept without mathematics.

Another reason I have not used mathematics is, whereas until fairly recently mathematics was the only common language for communicating concepts and the details of theories in physics, now we have access to graphics and multimedia presentations to communicate our ideas. This site will exploit all existing methods and use new techniques as they become available.

Also, I want as many people as possible to be able to understand the ideas presented in this site and that will be facilitated more by using graphics than mathematics.

On the other hand, if someone thinks there is enough merit in my paradigm for the universe as a process to add a mathematical explanation, I hope they will contact me.

The future of this site

Because the purpose of this site is to offer an alternative paradigm to the big bang and then to continue questioning and refining the new paradigm, it will continue to change and grow. New ways will be found to explain and illustrate old ideas as well as to explain and illustrate new ideas and the refinements to them.

I hope it will be possible to make the site more interactive while maintaining enough control over its content and links to ensure the integrity of its purpose.

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