2nd Tuesday Philosophy Forum Program and Bookings
Each forum was only $15/person, $10 for card carrying seniors and students (Workshops are $10/person, $5 concession) including, bread and cheese and wine, juice, tea or coffee.

The Forums were held at the Crows Nest Centre, corner of Ernest Street and Willoughby Road, Crows Nest, in the heart of the Crows Nest restaurant and out-door cafe precinct.

The Forums started at 7.00 pm, with a break for refreshments at around 8.00 pm and finish at 9.00 pm sharp, at which time those who were interested retired to the Crows Nest Hotel or the EDGE Bar and Restaurant to continue philosophising.

Program for 2006

The regular 2nd Tuesday Philsophy Forum has gone into recess while Gerry Nolan finishes his PhD thesis, which will take about two and a half more years. Depending on progress, it might be possible to organise occasional meetings, of which plenty of notice will be given.

Notices of all of the previous meetings are archived here.


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