Who is Luke Coleman?

Luke Coleman, sound and video operator
for the 2nd Tuesday Philosophy Forums.
Luke Coleman has been involved in the music and entertainment business for more than two decades.

From working in record stores to major record companies and being a professional performer in most mainstream genres of music, he has a thorough understanding of the business.

As a performer Luke Coleman has experienced the whole gamut of the entertainment forms from catwalk model to cabaret performer, and including actor, musician, singer, radio presenter and voice over artiste.

Luke is a songwriter who was also inaugural president of the Society of Australian Songwriters and whose song "Gladbag for a Suitcase" was used by the Sydney City Mission for their winter campaign for the homeless in 1993.

This was the year Luke went to London for a visit and ended up staying nearly 10 years.

Based in London, Luke became actively involved in entertainment and event management. He also performed regularly in various venues around London and Europe, from pubs to clubs, restaurants to ships, to Five Star Hotels and corporate events. This included a live performance for BBC Radio 2 at The Café Royal in Piccadilly.

In August 2002 Luke returned to Sydney, his favourite city, and is pursuing all facets of his capabilities from event and entertainment management to performing as a musician, singer and voice over artiste. He is also following his interests in new age thinking and philosophy in general.


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