Who is Gerry Nolan?

Gerry under jacaranda

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Gerry, "The Student Philosopher" under
the jacaranda tree outside the Philosophy
Department at the University of Sydney
(Spring 2002).
Gerry Nolan was born and brought up on the West Coast of South Australia at Whyalla, Koppio and Cleve in the South Australian outback over 500 km from Adelaide. Here is a picture of the one room school he attended in grade 3 at Koppio. He has lived mostly in Sydney for the last forty years.

He trained in telecommunications electronics with the Postmaster General's Department, in navigation and weapons electronics with the Royal Australian Navy and as a pilot with the Royal Australian Airforce. For many years he ran exploration expeditions for minerals and underground water from the arid areas of Australia to the jungles of South East Asia using every type of geophysical equipment from proton precession magnetometer to water divining (dowsing to some).

Following his experience as flight co-ordinator on eight B747 flights to Antarctica, Gerry wrote Icescape, a novel about one of the day flights crashing in Antarctica. He finished it six months before the Air New Zealand DC10 crash that left no survivors and, although out of respect for the dead he delayed publication of his book for a year, it still sold out.

In 1978 Gerry conceived the plastic iceberg joke, the most succesful April Fools' joke in the history of the world! Gerry conceived it in the Stoned Crow bar in Crows Nest on Tuesday 24 January 1978.

Following on from his electronics and aerodynamics training, Gerry has studied physics as a hobby for over thirty years. In 1980 he was accepted as a visiting scientist at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) during a five week visit at the time the Positron Electron Project (PEP) first stored beam.

He went from SLAC to CERN and was fortunate enough to see the antiproton accumulator a few weeks before it was completed ready for its role in the discovery of the W and Z0 particles.

Shortly after returning to Australia he had an article about PEP, More PEP for HEP, published in Electronics Australia magazine and has since had many articles on electric and solar powered vehicles and fuel cells.

Gerry is one of the original members of the Australasian Society for General Relativity and Gravitation.

From 1991 to 1995 he was the Mayor of North Sydney, claimed by many to be the third largest CBD in Australia.

Since starting on a Science degree with a major in Philosophy at the University of New South Wales. in 2001, Gerry has become passionate about philosophy and, through the 2nd Tuesday Philosophy Forum, is trying to give more people the opportunity to experience philosophy.

He completed his BA with Honours in Philosophy in March 2006.

As well as being a full time student, Gerry is a writer and editor and book, magazine, newsletter and internet publisher.


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