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The 2nd Tuesday Philosophy Forum has been suspended for the time being. For other interesting talks and events, visit Sydney Talks Click here

On Tuesday 11 February 2003, Gerry Nolan convened a philosophy forum in the Berry's Bay Grill at the Waverton Bowling Club. Despite the clandestine behaviour of members of the Waverton Bowling Club committee, who accused all those present of attending an illegal assembly (and you thought philosophy was tame stuff!) everyone enjoyed very much Ted Sadler speaking on: "Listening to reason: prospects for philosophy today. Is philosophy relevant to your life in these days of rapid change?" and the chance to interact with Ted and each other afterwards.

As the name suggests (although not unambiguously) the forums continues to be held on the second Tuesday of each month, hence the name, "2nd Tuesday Philosophy Forum" Because of the weird behaviour of the Waverton Bowling Club committee, since March 2003 the venue for the 2nd Tuesday Philosophy Forum has been the Crows Nest Centre corner of Ernest Street and Willoughby Road, Crows Nest, in the heart of the Crows Nest restaurant and out-door cafe precinct.

The Forums start at 7.00 pm, break for refreshments at around 8.00 pm and finish at 9.00 pm sharp, at which time those who are interested retire to the Crows Nest Hotel to continue philosophising.

All those attending have a chance to ask questions and put forward their own point of view. In short, everyone will have the opportunity to 'do' philosophy, not just watch or listen. No prior knowledge of philosophy is required, the Forum for those who want more than pat answers to the big questions. Just bring an open and inquisitive mind.

The charge is $15 per person ($10 for card carrying seniors and students) and because philosophy, more than any other subject, thrives on dialogue, to ensure the convivial atmosphere that food and drink engenders is maintained, bread and cheese and wine, juice, tea or coffee are included in the price.

Philosophy forums have become popular in the last few years in venues such as Steki's Taverna in Newtown, which combines theatre and philosophy to packed crowds and the Blackheath Philosophy Forum, which is held in the local school hall and attracts 200 or more people every second Saturday. There are links here to other philosophy forums in Australia, if you would like yours added, please send in the details here.

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