Lasseter’s Lost Gold Reef, Dream or Reality?

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Lasseter's diary and the fragmentary pieces presumed to have originally come from it were purchased by Ion Idriess, who included a transcription in his book, Lasseter's Last Ride, which was first published in 1931. The diary and fragments remained at Angus & Robertson Publishers until 1977, when they were purchased by the Mitchell Library at the State Library of New South Wales.

The diary, much the same size as this facsimile, was covered in plain red cloth, with a holder for a pencil on one side and a ribbon that could be tied around it. It is in a very fragile condition and is at present being restored. It is now impossible to determine the original order of all the pages. The Mitchell Library has taken microfilm of the diary and the pages in this facsimile have been arranged in the same order as the microfilm. It can be seen that, while many of the pages run in sequence, others have been written at random. Four blank pages in the diary have been deleted.

The fragments appear to form letters to Lasseter's wife, Rene. They are on pages that were torn from the diary, and are in an even more fragile state. They show the marks of fire, water and dirt, and some, not reproduced here, are no more than mere scraps of paper. An attempt has also been made to put the fragments into a logical sequence.

Angus & Robertson Publishers
June 1986

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Reproduced by permission of the Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales

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