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You may wonder why I am in the process of putting my life story on the internet, well, for the past 30 years or so friends and acquaintances, not relatives, have been urging me to “Write your life story!” so that is what I intend to do here.

To me, writing one’s autobiography seems to imply an ego that I don’t have, however people do seem to be interested in other peoples’ lives so it may be a worthwhile exercise.

Putting it on the internet is a way of making sure that it is always accessible to myself and anyone else wherever we are in the world and it will continue to be so even after I die which, since I feel that I have been on borrowed time since I turned 60, may not be all that far into the future.

Because I think it is inappropriate to write an autobiography when one is young—what’s to tell?—and it is impossible to do it after one has died, I think I’ve left it about as late as I can. Another advantage of putting my story on the internet is that I can add new material as noteworthy events occur and update old ones in the light of new experience, whereas if I write a book, even though I have left it as late as I think advisable, I might live another 20 years, which would mean producing a whole new edition or leaving an incomplete record.

Also, putting it on the internet means that I can include many more images than would be offered in a book and I can link to other sites which give far more detail about different historical aspects to intensify the experience of living my life rather than just reading about it.

The story will be structured chronologically in decades, simply because that is the most logical way to do it and the easiest for me to understand, and will be further divided into discrete episodes in such a way that each episode will be complete and able to be read separately. However, this is not to say that I will put the episodes on the internet in strict temporal order. I have already written up some events shortly after they occurred so that they were fresh in my memory and I will put these up first.

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