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When I first wrote this book in 1979, it quickly sold tens of thousands of copies. It was immediately re-printed and then a new updated edition was published in 1982.

While the emphasis on locations and general orientation are on Australia, that’s just because I live here. The principles and techniques apply anywhere in the world you might go looking for GOLD.

The edition you are reading now is a total rewrite and upgrade with several completely new chapters added to bring you the latest in prospecting technology and techniques, including GPS navigation and location skills; as well as using the internet to help you research the best prospecting sites and the best equipment, and much more.

Although the information provided in the this book is complete, as you become more fascinated with looking for GOLD, you are likely to want more information, so I have put many hyperlinks in the text to link you to further information. Because of this, you may find it advantageous to use your copy of GOLDFINDER on your computer screen rather than print the whole publication out. Of course you may want to print out frequently used pages, for example, the table for avoiding traps and the check lists.

Despite the major changes in practically everything else that have occurred over the last three decades, GOLD is still GOLD and very few experiences evoke the same visceral rush of excitement as when you find a GOLD nugget, a placer deposit or a GOLD coin, all through your own efforts.

But wait! It seems to have been overlooked that the stage is set for another GOLD RUSH!

Think about this: the mid-nineteenth century GOLD rushes started because people first found GOLD on the surface and then dug down or panned for it; then, in the 1970s, the first generation of metal detectors enabled people to find GOLD just below the surface and suddenly we had another GOLD rush! Now, the next generation metal detectors are able to penetrate much deeper and discriminate much more accurately, so GOLD at much greater depths is now exposed. Add to this a GOLD price of over AU$1250 an ounce (January 2014, up from around AU$300 in January 1979) and you will understand why I am saying the stage is set for another GOLD rush!

But you have to know what you are doing.

Start with the illustration in the Introduction and then read on to find out how you can find GOLD.

Enjoy the book and let me know if you have any ideas for its improvement—it is now possible to upgrade more frequently and I can incorporate your ideas—with an acknowledgement of course.

Good prospecting!

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