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About the author, chen gengping
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CHEN Gengping gained her Masters Degree in Applied Linguistics at Sydney University in 1989 after earlier achieving an MA from the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, Zhongshan University, Guangzhou, PR China.

Since 1989 CHEN has worked as a China Information and Trade Liaison Consultant for many large and small Australian companies trading with and setting up joint ventures with China.

Her functions varied from arranging and coordinating delegations, seminars, numerous banquets and company inspections, to translation and interpreting as well as advising on advertising presentations for use in China.

CHEN is an Australian citizen now living in China but visits frequently to catch up on the rapidly changing economic environment and to catalogue opportunities for Westem companies to do business with the Chinese.

EDITORS NOTE: Because it provides a basis for dealing with the hundreds of contacts and the thousands of small decisions you will need to make to build up into the final agreement you make with the Chinese, the importance of this book cannot be over estimated.

It has been a long and difficult task, requiring three full rewrites, to cajole CHEN into revealing the Chinese way to the depth of usefulness that I wanted.

Often the Chinese way is not in itself greatly different from the Western way but when all the little differences are added up, as they inevitably will be, they become very significant indeed.

Gerry Nolan

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